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Experience Marketing
We bring people together to create real connections that build brands and drive growth.
What is Experience Marketing?

Experience forms the basis of all types of human relationships. They can be overtly life-changing events or subliminal everyday moments; they can be negative, positive, and indifferent. Experience Marketing is a convergence of elements specially designed to make every single touchpoint of the consumer brand a positive, and it is these micro-experiences that ultimately make the work of ManagingPartner Swiss  promote brand satisfaction, loyalty and emotional engagement. To do this well, brands need to be fully aware of every moment of interaction with their consumers, regardless of size or context, especially when brands can have a direct impact on their consumers on a personal level.

The Conference

ManagingPartner Swiss

Experience Marketing  with professional, routine event management are just as much a part of our portfolio as the creative conception and organization of congresses, meetings and seminars, major public events as well as incentive programs at home and abroad.



grosse Halle am Düsseldorfer Flughafen. Farbenfrohe Illumination und Fahnen von Sixt Autovermietung, Nokia und Karlsberg


ManagingPartner  is  an owner-managed agency founded in 1992  with the location in Krefeld and since 2003 in Zurich. We work with a national and international network of  Specialists.